Nectar adjustable bed review

If you have been shopping for an adjustable bed for any amount of time, you would have surely heard about the Nectar adjustable bed. It is one of the most popular adjustable beds of modern times. According to today’s leading and reputed online consumer reviews, the Nectar is not the most sophisticated adjustable bed in the current marketplace. However, it has all the essential and basic features that you can expect to have on a simple adjustable bed frame.

Major pros and cons of the Nectar adjustable bed

Like any adjustable bed or any other product, the Nectar adjustable bed frame has some great benefits as well as a few drawbacks.

10 Major Benefits of the Nectar adjustable bed

Head tilt

Even the most basic adjustable beds have this feature known as head tilt or head articulation. Even though originally referred to as head tilting, a more appropriate term would be chest articulation or the upper body articulation. Head tilting elevates your upper body by up to 60°. Such a position can be helpful for activities like having breakfast in bed, watching TV, reading books, or working on the computer. In fact, with the COVID-19 related pandemic, a lot of people have shifted to working from home and as a result, adjustable bed sales have soared according to a recent news article.

Foot tilt

This is where the bottom section of the adjustable base elevates up to 45°. This can be useful in many situations and this position has many health benefits. It can be used to relieve the symptoms of restless leg syndrome, alleviate foot swelling, to improving blood flow from the legs, and even for a simple relaxation of the feet at the end of the exhausting day.

Head and foot massage

If you expect the quality of adjustable bed massage to be as good as that from a professional masseur, I’m afraid you’ve got it wrong. The massage function of adjustable beds is simply a vibration originating from 2 massage motors located at the head and foot sections of the bed. The massage vibrations can come in as pulses, as waves or work continuously. You can switch between these 3 massage modes using a button on the remote controller of the nectar adjustable bed. In addition to the 3 massage modes, you can also increase and decrease the massage intensity using another button on the remote controller. Yet another massage option offered by the Nectar adjustable bed is the timer function. You can set the timer to either 10, 20, or 30 minutes and the massage will automatically turn off at the end of the stipulated time period. That way you can simply turn on the massage and fall asleep and the massage will turn off automatically. You don’t have to worry about staying up to turn the massage off.

USB ports

Obviously any adjustable bed is operated using electricity. Fortunately, adjustable bed manufacturers, at some point, decided to install USB ports on the sideboards of the bed frame. That way, the sleepers can use those USB ports to charge their smart devices such as iPhones, iPads, tablet computers, Bluetooth speakers, rechargeable headphones etc. etc. the list just goes on and on. Can you see what a useful feature this can be?

Memory positions

The Nectar comes with 3 programmable and 4 preset memory positions including the zero-gravity position. How cool is that?

Cheap price-point

The nectar adjustable bed isn’t exactly the most feature-rich adjustable mattress base in the marketplace. We would most probably categorize it as a mid-market bed base. The typical adjustable base in this category will cost upwards of thousand dollars especially if it is equipped with massage functions. However, the Nectar adjustable bed starts at $650. Even a split king-sized adjustable bed is under $1200. You cannot expect to buy such a high-quality mid-market adjustable base at such a low price from any other reputed brand. This is why we like to emphasize that you should not think twice in purchasing the Nectar adjustable bed if it is still available for sale at this price point.


The typical warranty period for an adjustable bed of this price range is about 1 to 2 years. In contrast, Nectar offers 3 years of warranty which is almost too good to be true.

Adjustable mattress options

As you very well know, nectar is known more for their high-quality luxury mattress options even more than their adjustable bases. They offer a wide range of adjustable mattresses made of memory foam, latex as well as hybrid mattresses with innerspring options. All these mattresses are highly compatible and recommended for use with the nectar adjustable bed base.


Certain adjustable bed manufacturers only produce a limited range of sizes. However, the nectar adjustable bed base is available in twin XL, Queen, King and split king sizes. Because their mattresses are also available in all the sizes you can select a high-quality bed base and adjustable mattress combo for a steal of a price. In fact, right now there is a great combo deal going on where you can save as much as $350 on an adjustable base plus mattress combo.

What does the nectar adjustable base lack?

We said it before, and we will say it again. The Nectar is not a premium adjustable bed brand with all the bells and whistles. It does not have advanced features such as pillow tilting, wall hugging, lumbar support, furniture style decking, advanced safety features, motion sensing remote controllers, sleep tracking technology or iOS and android apps to control the bed using a smartphone.

As you would already know, the above features can be extremely useful, however, not everybody needs them. If your budget is limited, or you’re a young, fit college student who is resistant to back aches and neck aches, you can certainly live without expensive and advanced specs like independent pillow tilting and wall hugging. How often would an 18-year-old get back aches?

Is the Nectar adjustable bed suitable for seniors?

For those who are above 60 years, or for those who consider themselves seniors, we always recommend adjustable beds with specs like wall hugging, pillow tilting, and lumbar support. This is because these specs can help you protect your neck and back muscles from unwanted sprains. The last thing you want from your brand-new adjustable bed is a nagging backache.

What if the Nectar isn’t the right bed for me?

If you decide that Nectar is not the right adjustable bed for you, I highly recommend that you check out one of these advanced, premium adjustable bed brands such as Tempur-Pedic, DynastyMattress, Saatva Lineal, Sleep Number, Leggett & Platt, Amerisleep, or Reverie.

On the other hand, if you’re confident that you don’t need these fancy specs, I strongly urge you to consider the Nectar adjustable bed base or a mid-range or entry-level adjustable bed in the same price category such as those from Classic Brands or the Ghost Bed adjustable base.

Hope this adjustable bed review has been helpful and if you have any other question on the Nectar adjustable bed, please get in touch with us using the contact us page. Thank you and stay safe!